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Youngstown, NY

Youngstown is a quaint and historic village located in the Town of Porter where the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario. We are located just 11 miles north of Niagara Falls, New York along the Canadian border.

Youngstown is home to Old Fort Niagara and is one of the first settlements to grow outside of Fort Niagara in the late 1700's.The  waterfront parks are where the splendor of the Lower Niagara River can be seen up close. 

The village offers the very best of small town America. The annual Firemen's Field Days have been an anticipated event for nearly a century. Every Friday evening from June through August, Falkner Park, located in the heart of village, comes to life with a free concert series.

In the summer, Youngstown takes on a resort-like atmosphere as hundreds of yachts flock to the harbor for the Level Regatta, one of the largest freshwater sailing competitions in the world. We are also known for our world class fishing opportunities.

A wide variety of small, independently owned businesses line our main streets. Throughout our village, you will discover restaurants offering fresh home cooked comfort food to gourmet fare.

The village offers quaint accommodations for those who wish to extend their visit by a day and real estate services for those who want to stay a lifetime. Youngstown Flags are available for purchase! Pick up yours today for only $20.25 at Anchor Spirits.

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Our History

Named after John Young, the Village of Youngstown was established in 1854. Standing on a bluff above Lake Ontario is Old Fort Niagara, one of our main attractions. This fort is a national historic landmark and has stood watch over our village since 1726. The colorful history of the site began even earlier, and continues to the present day. Old Fort Niagara played an important role in the struggles of France, Great Britain, and the United States to control the Great Lakes region of North America, and also helped shape the destinies of the Iroquois (Six Nations) people and the nation of Canada.

Old Fort Niagara has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Niagara area, featuring the oldest buildings in the Great Lakes, spectacular scenery, and exciting special events.Youngstown was the site of the Battle of La Belle Famille, one of the bloodiest and most decisive battles of the French and Indian War.
  Youngstown 2019 Dates

   April 9  YBPA Annual Spring Meeting 6-9pm  $15 pp

About the Youngstown Business and Professional Association
Mission Statement
The mission of the Youngstown Business & Professional Association is to plan and actively promote ways and means to preserve, protect, and improve the civic, business and professional life of the Village of Youngstown and to join with Village officials, public service organizations and individuals to work together to achieve this mission.

The YBPA creates a Youngstown Brochure each year with funds from the Niagara County Community Enhancement Grant. Click HERE To download the 2018-2019 Youngstown Brochure!
Next Meeting Date: 

Where:  Bandana's 

When:  Tuesday, June 4    6PM  $15 per person

What: Membership dinner meeting - cost of dinner is $15.00 per person.  Members and Invited Guests ONLY. Please RSVP if you are planning to attend @ 745-7989 


Membership Dues...still only $50.00! Interested becoming a new YBPA member?  2019 Membership information is available HERE. Please contact Cheryl or Mark Butera at 745 -7989 for further information. Your help is GREATLY appreciated! Welcome New Members!
Contact Us cmarkb4u@anchorspirits.com

Please view our Facebook Page for daily updates!  http://www.facebook.com/YBPAofYoungstownNY


YBPA Officers:

President- Cheryl Butera, Anchor Spirits
Vice President - Dotty Riordan

Treasurer - Steve Zastrow

Secretary - Mark Butera, Anchor Enterprises LLC
Board Members: Stephanie Cattarin (NRRCC Board Appointed Seat),
Catharine Stella, Quain Weber


Member Roster and Business Services




Driftwood Acres Summer Home
536 Second Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Dorothy "Dotty" Riordan
Phone: (716) 745-3004    
Lakeview Motel & Cottage
2000 Lake Road
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Christina Nowacki
Website: www.lakeviewmotelandcottage.com
Email: nowacki5@juno.com
Phone: (716) 791-8668 
Facebook Link
Ontario House Historic Hotel Rooms, Food & Drink
358 Main Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Phone: (716) 998-9378

Windigo Cottage
2999 Orchard Drive
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Bill O'Neil
Website: www.wilsonrealtors.com 
Email: onielseamart@aol.com

409 Main, LLC
409 Main Street #3

Youngstown, NY  14174

Contact: Shawn Weber

Email: shawnjweber@aol.com

Facebook Link


Phone: (716) 628-5553


Advertising / Marketing Services / Photography 


BeauDesigns - Graphic Design & Printing
P.O. Box 496
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Amy Freiermuth
Website: www.beaudesigns.biz
Facebook Link
Email: amy@beaudesigns.biz
Phone: (716) 531-2651 
Niagara Frontier Publications
Contact: Skip Mazenauer
Website: www.wnypapers.com
Facebook Link
Email: skip@wnypapers.com
Phone: (716) 773-7676 
De Rosa Creative / Photography & Design
Cristian de Rosa
316 Carrolwood Drive
Youngstown, NY  14174
Phone: (716) 957-4312
Email: Cristian@derosacreative.co
Website: www.derosacreative.co/
Facebook Link
Neal Urban Photography
Contact: Neal Urban
Website: www.NealUrban.com
Facebook Link
Phone: (716) 427-4494






Niagara Jet Adventures, LLC
555 Water Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Website: www.niagarajet.com 
Facebook Link
Email: GM@niagarajet.com
Phone: (716) 745-7121
Old Fort Niagara - Fort Niagara State Park
P.O. Box 169
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Robert Emerson
Website: www.oldfortniagara.org
Facebook Link
Email: ofn@oldfortniagara.org
Phone: (716) 745-7611
Youngstown Yacht Club
P.O. Box 379,  491 Water Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Josie Fittante
Website: www.yyc.org
Facebook Link
Email: yyc@roadrunner.com
Phone: (716) 745-7230 ext 10 


 Automotive/ Machine/ Electric


A/M Automotive Inc.

201 Lockport Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Mike Sanchez
Website: www.amautomotiveusa.com
Email: amauto201@gmail.com 
Phone: (716) 219-4067
J Brett Machine Co.
500 2nd Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Website: http://youtu.be/LC8Sws-IV7c
Email: jbrettmachine@hotmail.com
Phone: (716) 471-0699
Pete's Plowing
3570 East Avenue
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Pete Kaminski
Phone: (716) 998-1564
Email: pkaminski@hotmail.com 
Palermo Electric
Joshua "Josh" Palermo
621 Blairville Road
Youngstown, NY  14174
Phone: (716) 425-5453
Email: jpalermo@roadrunner.com
Youngstown Automotive Group LLC
893 Youngstown-Lockport Road
Youngstown, NY 14174
Contact: Neal Freiermuth
Email: neal@youngstownautomotivegroup.com
Phone: (716) 534-9311

Wieberts Auto Place
720 Creek Road

Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Lawrence E. Weibert
Website:  www.weibertsautoplace.com  
Email:  weibertautoplace@gmail.com

Phone: (716) 745-1100
Facebook Link


Attorney / Legal Services


Stephen R. Zastrow, Attorney at Law
101 Lake Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Email: steve@srzastrow-law.com
Website: www.srzastrow-law.com
Phone: (716) 260-9297
Fax: (716) 242-3050 




 Banks & Financial Services


Edward Jones Financial Services

738 Cayuga St.
Lewiston, NY  14092
Contact:  Lori Russell & Joseph A. Dante II
Website: www.edwardjones.com
Phone: (716) 754-1653
Email: lori.russell@edwardjones.com
Facebook Link
Northwest Bank
500 Center Street
Lewiston, NY  14092
Contact:  Gloria Baker
Website: http://www.northwest.com 
Phone: (716) 754-2901
Email: Gloria.Baker@northwest.com 

Nucci Financial Group

525 Main Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact:  Margaret Nucci
Website: http://www.nuccifinancial.com
Phone: (716) 754-9030
Email: marg@nuccifinancial.com




First Presbyterian Church
100 Church Street

Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact:  Lori Russell / Rex Stewart
Website:  http://www.youngstownpres.org 
Phone: (716)745-7067
Facebook Link

St. John's Episcopal Church
P.O. Box 366

Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact:  Mary Wieland
Website:  http://stjohnsyoungstown.org/
Phone: (716)745-3369
Email: stjohnsytown@verizon.net
Facebook Link



 Consulting / Associate Member


O.C. Allen

321 Lockport Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Phone: (716) 930-2168
Email: OCALLEN@gmail.com

Donna Huggins
1 Main Street #2
Youngstown, NY  14174
Phone: (716) 745-3297
Email: homejames@aol.com

Colleen Mary Johnson-Summervile, LMSW
Peace of Mind Consulting
Youngstown, NY  14174
Phone: (716) 531-6701
Email: peaceofmindconsultation@gmail.com
Personal Consulting, Licensed Masters Social Work, TIPS Training, Safe Zone Training.

Jodee Riordan
Community Organizer
130 Elliott Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Phone: 745-9636
Email: jodee.riordan23@gmail.com

Quain Weber

409 Main Street  Apt. 1

Youngstown, NY  14174
Phone: (716) 745-7338
Email: QuainWeber@gmail.com


 Construction & Related Services


DT Truesdell Trucking Inc.
Excavation & Trucking, Lake Erosion Management 

2003 Lake Road
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Dan and Darlene Truesdell
Phone: (716) 791-4248
Email: dttruesdell@roadrunner.com
Facebook Link
Ken Young Paving, INC.
632 Blairville Rd
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact:  Char Young
Phone: (716) 745-9985
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Ken-Young-Paving/149698185073649
Robert Macvie, Inc.
P.O. Box 354
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Robert Macvie
Phone: (716) 745-3040   Fax: 745-7171
Scott Szarejko
P.O. Box 284, 
Youngstown, NY 14174
website: http://www.designbuildersofwny.com
Email:  Scottdesign73@yahoo.com 
Steve Schmoyer Construction
1451 Sunrise Lane
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Steve Schmoyer - Owner
Phone: (716) 531-2484
Email: Schmoyer716@gmail.com



 Farming / Agricultural


Baker Farms, LLC
2100 Youngstown-Lockport Road
Ransomville, NY  14131
Contact: Jeff Baker
Email: jbakerfarm@yahoo.com
Phone: (716) 940-2022
Facebook Page Link
Lakeside Quarterhorses
420 Lakeside Lane
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Chris & Terri Diez
Email: cdiez@moxieenergy.com  
Phone: (716) 523-3575
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Lakeside-Quarter-Horses/168439876521515

Sanger Farms, LLC
852 Youngstown / Lockport Road
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Michael & Sandra Tuck

Phone: (716) 745-7297
Website: www.sangerfarm.com
Email: mike.tuck@sangerfarms.com 


Fuel Treatment & Sales 


Kinetic Fuel Technology Inc.
1205 Balmer Road
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact:  Holly Kent
Phone: (716) 745-1461
Website:  http://k-100.com/
Email: holly@k-100.com
Facebook Link




Health & Fitness 


Dr. Rama Bojedla, MD
120 Lockport Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Rama Bojedla, MD
Phone: (716) 745-7724
Dr. James Trzaska, DDS
320 Lockport Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Website: www.youngstownfamilydentistry.com
Phone: (716) 745-7052
Email: youngstownfamilydentistry@roadrunner.com 
Facebook Page:www.facebook.com/youngstownfamilydentistry14174

Youngstown Chiropractic
445 Main Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Ryan Adelizi   D.C.
Phone: (716) 745-3080
Email: radelizi@aol.com
Website: dradelizi.com


Landscaping / Outdoor Services


Healthy Lawn, Inc.
P.O. Box 276
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Dennis Niccola
Website:  http://www.myhealthylawn.com
Phone: (716) 692-4433
Email: healthylawn@roadrunner.com
Lakewood Landscaping
623 Lake Road
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Mike Costello
Phone: (716) 745-3992 
Website:  www.facebook.com
Email: lakewood99@aol.com www.angieslist.com/companylist/us/ny/youngstown/lakewood-landscaping-reviews-5107032.htm
Worry-Free Winter (Snow Bird Home Services)
1610 Lockport Road
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Duffy Johnston
Phone: (716) 622-4103 
Website: http://worryfreewinter.com/about.html 
Email: JDUFFYJ@roadrunner.com
1007 Meadow Drive
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Perry Kazulak
Phone: (716)471-8052
Website: www.plugnalawn.com 
Email: plugnalawn@roadrunner.com
Facebook Link






It Happened to Alexa Foundation

Contact: Katie Biggie Fowler

Phone: (716) 745-3820
Email: k.fowler@ithappenedtoalexa.org
Website: http://ithappenedtoalexa.org
Facebook Link

Town of Porter Historical Society

240 Lockport St

Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact:  Dotty Riordan
Phone: (716) 745-1271
Email: tophs@roadrunner.com
Facebook Link

Veterans of Foreign Wars - Youngstown

434 Third St.

Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact:  Gary S. Zanardi / Post Commander
Phone: (716) 628-0440
Email:  zangary@roadrunner.com
Website: www.vfwyoungstownny.org
Facebook Link

Youngstown  Free Library

240 Lockport Street

Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Rita Rolfe - President
Phone: (716) 745-3555
Email: yfl@nioga.org
Website: www.youngstownfreelibrary.org
Facebook Link 

Youngstown  Lions Club

P.O. Box 405

Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Richard Allen (Treasurer)
Phone: (716) 870-9722
Email: allen14174@roadrunner.com



 Personal Services 


Carly's Corner

3011 Orchard Drive
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Carly and Lynn Bahringer
Phone: (716) 807-6463
Email: carlyscorner@aol.com
Website: www.carlyscorner.com 
Facebook Link

The Dance Shop
134 Lockport St.
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact:  Amy Roush
Phone: (716) 745-7500
Email: the_dance_shop@yahoo.com

K&D Action Photo / Traditional & Aerial Photography

2275 New Road
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Kevin Cobello
Phone: (716) 799-3838
Email: kdactionphoto@roadrunner.com
Website: www.kdactionphoto.smugmug.com
Facebook Link 

Magic Carpet Cleaning Services, Inc.
3182 Creek Road

Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact:  Stephen and Elaine Kennedy
Phone: (716) 745-3072
Email:  skennedy11@verizon.net

Step in Time Music

1504 Youngstown Wilson Road
Youngstown, NY  14174
Website:  http://www.stepintimeceltic.com 
Contact:  Marcia Jones
Phone: (716) 930-1523
Email: mmjones@stepintimemusic.com
Facebook Link - www.facebook.com/stepintime
Victoria's Family Hair Care & Spa
354 Main Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Facebook Link
Contact: Vicki Quarantillo
Phone: (716) 745-3209
Email: vickiq@roadrunner.com 

Real Estate 


Dan and Lucy Wilson Realty, Inc.
128 Lockport Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact:  Ken Greulich, Bruce Andrews
Website: www.WilsonRealtors.com
Facebook Link
Phone: (716) 745-3839
Email: info@wilsonrealtors.com

Great Lakes Real Estate

916 Center Street
Lewiston, NY  14092
Contact:  Bruce Andrews
Website: www.GreatLakesRealEstate.com
Facebook Link
Phone: (716) 754-2550
Email: bruce@greatlakesrealestate.com

Lisa Leffler 
Howard Hanna Real Estate
505 Center Street
Lewiston, NY  14092

Phone: (716) 475-2017
Website: www.lisaleffler.howardhanna.com

Stephanie Quain Cattarin
Hunt Real Estate Licensed Salesperson

Website: www.huntrealestate.com
Facebook Link
Phone: (716) 998-1204
Email:  stephanie.cattarin@huntrealestate.com 

Youngstown Apartments
365 Second Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Bruce & Darcy Paeplow

Website: http://www.outdoorsniagara.com/youngstownmotel.htm

Email: toweryngstwn@aol.com 
Facebook Link
Phone: (716) 219-4159



Restaurants / Food 


Bandana's Bar & Grill
930 Lake Road
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Robert Kudel
Website: www.bandanasbarandgrill.com
Facebook Link
Phone: (716) 745-1010 
Email: Bandanasbarandgrill@yahoo.com
The Galley at 400 Main
Main & Lockport St.
400 Main Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Mangia Cakes Bakery, Inc.
Mangia Cakes & Ice Cream 
Contact: Rebecca Poletti
Phone: (716) 745-1517
Email: bluecafe301@yahoo.com 
Main Street Pizzeria
311 Main Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Marc Niccola
Website:  www.mainstpizza.biz
Phone: (716) 745-1130
Email: marcniccola@yahoo.com 

Ray's Tavern & Restaurant
1694 Lake Road
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Ken and Diane Eckert
Website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVYOz0VNVs4
Phone: (716) 745-3657 
The Mug and Musket
418 Main Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Catherine Stella
Phone: (716) 745-9938
Website: https://www.loc8nearme.com/new-york/youngstown/the-mug-and-musket/ 
Email: stellac@roadrunner.com 

Somewhere- Youngstown NY 
681 Blairville Road

Youngstown NY 14174
Phone:  (716) 219-4017
Owner - Pat Stack
Email:  http://stacker816@gmail.com 
 Facebook link
Website:  http://stacker816.wixsite.com/somewhere
The Ontario House / Stone Jug
358 Main Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Peter Costello
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ontario-House-aka-Stone-Jug/110029455690328
Phone: (716) 219-4073
Email: stonejug1842@gmail.com  and admin@theontariohouse.com




Susan Geissler  - Artist
433 Main Street 
Youngstown, NY  14174
Website:  www.susangeissler.com
Phone: 800-473-1237
O'Connor Family Greenhouse
2234 Lake Road
Ransomville, NY  14131
Contact: Thomas and Wendy O'Conner
Website:  www.facebook.com
Phone: (716) 791-8789
Porter Empty Return Center
3628 Ransomville Road
Ransomville, NY  14131
Contact: Douglas Adamson
Phone: (716) 791-1113
Facebook Link




Anchor Spirits
113 Lockport Street
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Mark or Cheryl Butera
Website: www.anchorspirits.com  
Facebook Link

Phone: (716) 745-7989
Email: cmarkb4u@anchorspirits.com
RCR Yachts
P.O. Box 339
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact:  Don Finkle
Website: www.rcryachts.com
Facebook Link
Phone: (716) 745-3862
Email: dbfinkle@aol.com
Email: jane@rcryachts.com 
Tom Tower's Farm Market
759 Youngstown-Lockport Road
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Tom Tower
Website: www.Elmwoodmarket.org
Phone: (716) 745-9538


Transportation & Travel 


Voyage By Design
417 Riverview Drive
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Myriam Renzi
Website: www.VoyageByDesign.com
Phone: (716) 304-1476
Fax: (716) 745-9076
Email: myriam@voyagebydesign.com 
 Derrik Kent The Boat Works 
786 Blairville Road
Youngstown, NY  14174
Contact: Derrik Kent
Facebook Link
Phone: (716) 807-9106

Email: totalkent9@mail.com

Youngstown, NY News

2019 News

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2016 News

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March 19th St. Patrick's Day Parade Video

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2015 News









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