Volunteers needed for playground work!

The Village of Lewiston is looking for volunteers!

What: Community Build of the All-Inclusive Playground

Where: Marilyn Toohey Park, 145 N. 4th Street, Lewiston, NY 14092 (Behind the Red Brick School)

When: Friday, September 17th and Saturday, September 18th (Several Time Slots Available)

How to Register: https://villageoflewiston.net/communityplayground-build

The Village of Lewiston is ready to build the all-inclusive playground and splash pad at Marilyn Toohey Park!  Now we need volunteers to help us build it.  The Village of Lewiston Recreation Department and our Parks, Recreation and Conservation Board fully supports inclusive activities and playgrounds.  Having playgrounds which ALL our park patrons can utilize will assist with the positive growth and development of our children and families.

As a recreation program provider, having access to an all-inclusive playground will give our recreation leaders a venue in which to provide even more opportunities for ALL our participants to take advantage of.  This all-inclusive playground will also enable our park patrons with disabilities another environment outside of school in which to interact with their peers.  Parks and playgrounds bring people together, this all-inclusive park has the power to enhance opportunities for families across the region.

Marilyn Toohey Park is the perfect location for this all-inclusive playground.  The park is located in the beautiful Village of Lewiston, NY and scenically located overlooking the Lewiston Waterfront and Niagara River Gorge.  We have thousands of visitors to the Village of Lewiston each year and this will give another opportunity for visitors access recreational activities in our area.  In addition, the Village of Lewiston Recreation Department is housed in the adjacent Village of Lewiston Municipal Building.  

The all-inclusive playground and splash pad at Marilyn Toohey Park will give the Village of Lewiston citizens and the thousands of visitors we have to the area a place that play is accessible to everyone!