Marble Orchard Ghost Walks Begin This Month!

Whether you're just out to have some fun or learn something of the paranormal, the Marble Orchard Ghost Walks showcase Lewiston's rough and tumble frontier past as well as its gloriously creepy present.  Lurking behind Lewiston's serene facade, lies a shadowy past filled with nightmarish spirits, ominous events and haunted buildings.  The Marble Orchard Ghost Walks are one of WNY's most popular tourist attractions, unmatched when it comes to presenting both historical truths and ghostly legends. 
The Marble Orchard Players are a talented cast of volunteer actors.  They include  Claudia Carnes as Mrs. Smith, who knew ALL about William Morgan's murder,  Don Batalaris as the man who saw Skedatti, the Screaming Killer of Dogs, Lynda LaGreca as Nina Starkweather, the aging spinster with a broken heart, Lilu Wilson as Mary Agnes who was buried with her beloved baby doll, John Jacoby as Judge Sherborne Piper, the "Hangin'" judge, Eva Frankovitch as *Frozen Charlotte, who froze to death because of her vanity, Anna Frankovitch as Anna Gillette, who saw her brother being scalped in the War of 1812, Tim Henderson as Josiah Tryon, who is inclined to tell goat stories rather than GHOST stories, Kathryn Serianni as Catherine Hustler, inventor of the cocktail, Eva Nicklas as the infamous Sally Tryon... AND playing herself as Witch Hazel.  NEW this year is Justin Higner as Captain James Van Cleeve, who cursed anyone who would bring harm to sailors on Lake Ontario.
During the 1 1/2 hour walk, the Marble Orchard Players will take you back in time as they share ghost stories, myths and tales of tragedy, crime, mayhem and murder, the grim and ghastly deeds of Lewiston's best...and worse.  You'll hear secrets, both funny and sinister, of events that happened a long time ago. Yesksksksksksksk.... apparitions and witches still haunt Lewiston. 
The Marble Orchard Ghost Walks begin promptly at 7:00PM starting Saturday, September 21 through October 26.  Meet in the Peace Garden, 476 Center Street.  Rain or shine.  No reservations are necessary.  And oh yes, be sure to bring a flash light.  It gets dark early in the grave yard......
Cost:  $15.00/adults      $5.00/ brave children under 12     $10.00 LCA members
Contact:  Eva Nicklas, Lewiston Council on the Arts 716-754-0166
              or visit our website: